What do donors want?

Tim Ogden has an interesting reflection, reacting to some new survey data, on the SSIR blog (8/24) about what individual donors want. Apparently, it’s not impact.

Why is this a surprise? Individual donors have been acting all along as if they don’t care about impact, based on their “vote choice” (how they allocate their philanthropic dollar). Again, I find myself wondering what the analogy is to Congressional voters. What is the nature of affinity between candidates and voters, between nonprofits and their individual donors? Is it those that bring home the pork/show impact, or is it something else? What about the high degrees of loyalty in the data Tim cites? There are Congresspeople who get re-elected every two years like clockwork; what’s their secret?

Tim concludes by suggesting that we (who?) need to change what donors want. Ah, here there is much to be learned from political campaigning! Things both uplifting and nefarious, I assume. To be continued…


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