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All right, it’s been a month or two that I’ve been blogging steadily, so it’s time to take stock. At the beginning here, I’ve been exploring the space opened up by my two questions, and setting up some fenceposts to mark where I’d ultimately like to divide things up and work on specific topics in specific areas. So as not to lose track of them all, here’s what that looks like so far:

First question: What is the role of philanthropy in a democratic society?

  • Are there varieties of philanthropy to go along with the varieties of capitalism?
  • What does philanthropy look like in the CIVETS, up-and-coming economies in the developing world (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa)
  • Voting systems and philanthropy: How are nonprofit fundraising and political campaigning related?¬†How are nonprofit donors like voters? What do nonprofit donors want? In what ways are grant decisions and voting related? What are the implications of applying social-media forms of indicating approval (rating, sharing, liking) to grant decision processes?
  • Is philanthropy a corrective or an accomplice to the fundamental tension between markets and democracy?

Second question: What would it mean to democratize philanthropy?

  • The meaning of “diversity”
  • What are the implications of the “Foundations and the Common Good” project?
  • How do we achieve the laudable and completely reasonable goals of¬†Project Streamline without more regulation of the field?

General musings:

  • Agriculture and engineering as metaphors for social change
  • How privileging “local knowledge” might cut across left-right ideological lines
  • Periodic musings about data and methodology

What immediately stands out is that I’ve focused more on my first question rather than my second. So maybe I’ll work on mapping some of that territory out too.


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