The data-driven, multi-method, context-sensitive life (continued)

I’ve had a few posts riffing on a New York Times article about people who create databases about every idea they’ve had since they were teenagers or their caffeine consumption over months. Now comes Ethan Zuckerman, a fellow Eph, aiming to monitor his consumption – of ideas. Ethan’s hypothesis is that our media diet is actually much less heterogeneous than popular images of the freedom of the Internet would have us believe. Sounds plausible to me. That’s why I’m glad to add Philanthropy Daily to my blogroll. I’ve complained about the “conservative think-tank bromides” in philanthropy writer Bill Schambra’s work; I’d better keep myself honest and not get caught in my own echo chamber. I’m telling you, the privileging of local knowledge is a bipartisan concept….

(Hat tip to Stanford Social Innovation Review.)


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