Attack of the Kohnasaurus

My pal Sally Kohn at the Movement Vision Lab has been crushing it lately in a series of op-eds from a progressive perspective on, of all places, venturing into the lion’s dens with thoughtful, unapologetically progressive, well-reasoned arguments. The comments section of her posts are a horrorshow, but this is fighting the good fight, and I applaud her. Go Sally!

Her latest is about 3 areas of common ground between progressives and Tea Partiers. One I would add to the list, as I’ve been saying, is valuing local knowledge over centralized administration. This is a variation on a point Sally makes, that Tea Partiers mistrust centralized power in the form of government, and progressives mistrust concentrated power in the hands of big corporations. The flipside of that is, both sides like local, grassroots efforts and organizing. Locavores and loco-vores? OK, that’s cheap and a bad pun. But I continue to think the privileging of local knowledge is a bipartisan issue that hasn’t been explored sufficiently. Hopefully Sally’s work can help create an opening in which to have that conversation.


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