Beyond the Thunderdome?

(Hint: Remember the original title of Mad Max)

I’ve just gotten back from another road trip for work. By my count, there have been five weeks since the beginning of the year in which I have NOT had a trip of some kind. (Which has something to do with the reduced frequency of posting as of late.) This week makes six, and I’m getting back to posting.

I’m very grateful to get to do the work I do. But stuck in O’Hare last Thursday with swarms of other white-collar road warriors, I was struck by how tiresomely physical so much travel is. Lugging suitcases around, sitting still on planes for so long. Uch, makes me feel sweaty just typing that. The stereotype of the white-collar worker is that their hands are smooth. This is my right hand after six months of lugging my suitcase around the country.

I guess I take the calluses as a mark of pride, I’m not sure. But as I think about LA, Denver, Louisville, Alaska, SF, Vancouver, Chicago, Philly and lots of DC, and the exciting work my clients are doing and the great team members I get to collaborate with…yeah, it feels good. I’ll still get some hand cream, though.


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