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I’ve only just started this blog, but I’ve already accumulated some debts, topics for future posts that I’ll need to make good on. Let’s try to keep some of those plates spinning:

– Whether philanthropy is a corrective or an accomplice to the fundamental tension between markets and democracy
–> The key here is whether philanthropy is truly a part of the independent sector, or whether it’s dependence on the tax-exemption rule compromises it too greatly

– The Foundations and the Common Good project
–> I should like this, since it seeks to address the markets-democracy tension by holding up the old-fashioned notion of the common good, but my question will be the take on inequality and the power imbalances inherent In grantmaking.

– Whether or not there’s a “varieties of philanthropy” to go along with “varieties of capitalism”
–> This should be fun; it’ll require me to learn more about European and Japanese patterns of philanthropy, and how they relate to Anglo-American versions. The key variable is coordination, with other philanthropies and with the state.

– The useful insights tucked alongside the right-wing think-tank bromides in Bill Schambra’s writings on philanthropy
–> The key here is local knowledge, and how privileging it cuts across traditional left-right divides. A cross-cutting cleavage, I believe it’s called.

To be continued….


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  1. The Blog Briefly Known as "Democratizing Philanthropy?" » Blog Archive » Local knowledge (part 1) Says:

    […] As I’ve been saying, I think the privileging of local knowledge is a bipartisan issue, or a cross-cutting cleavage, one that elements of left and right can agree on. […]

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