3 Years in the Hole

Not quite “30 Days in the Hole,” but there you go. Happy third blog-o-versary to me!

I’m frankly kind of amazed at all the ideas I generate on here; time to start reckoning with them in a more systematic way.

These are the questions or concepts I framed or developed on the blog in the past year, along with my three favorite posts of the ┬ápast year. Next week, I’ll do year two.

  • An app that lets you choose a good to donate (clothing, a teddy bear) to someone in a disaster zone that turns the value of that donation into cash, gives that to the person in the disaster zone, and gives the good to someone in your town, like at a homeless shelter
  • Personal leverage factor: the resources you can mobilize through your very existence
  • The Downton Abbey example: When is inefficiency at the level of the firm effectiveness at the level of the community or town?
  • Zombie philanthropic ideas that won’t die
  • Vertical ties and horizontal ties in giving
  • Democracy has a verb. Is there a verb for philanthropy? What does it mean to philanthropize?
  • Expressive and directional modes of consumer-citizenship
  • What are the political arts, and how can philanthropy use them?
  • Privacy, autonomy, and perpetuity as the tenets of the archetypal charitable foundation, and transparency, interdependency, and finitude as the (opposing) forces that shape contemporary life

My favorite posts:

Thanks to those who have followed along!



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