Three Times One Minus One

Back again in retro mode. Here are the concepts I developed and/or the and questions that I grappled with in the second year of this blog (April 2011-April 2012):

  • The “powerless presidential bully pulpit” and philanthropy’s advocacy work
  • The “white savior industrial complex” and philanthropy
  • #KONY2012 and the cycle of backlash
  • Foundation governance and decision-making have a long way to go to catch up with new ambitions for belovedness (cf. Komen)
  • What is a progressive theory of human frailty that is not about fallenness but about compassion and empathy?
  • What is a progressive theory of wealth accumulation?
  • Ecosystems of funding: What happens when too many funders are chasing too few opportunities for impact? Or when everyone tries to promote “innovation” and no one focuses on the meat-and-potatoes work that provides the basic infrastructure of social services?
  • Steve Jobs vs. Occupy Wall Street as models of rebellion
  • The counter-majoritarian tendencies of philanthropy
  • The Help and “the gift of voice” in philanthropy
  • Would you wish the U.S. system of philanthropy on a country that was setting up its tax code?
  • So many of our theories of human behavior are just so dumb and literal-minded
  • Is there a nostalgic mode of philanthropy?
  • What kind of industry is philanthropy?
  • What is a more integrated perspective on government action?

My favorite posts:

Next week, all the way back to Year One.



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