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Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

This is the fun part. Here are the initial grants we’ve made in Ford’s rebooted Philanthropy portfolio. We have a primary goal of promoting greater uptake of open and inclusive practices in US foundations, and a secondary goal of mobilizing more philanthropic support for social justice from individuals and institutions. In addition, we’re especially interested in promoting greater alignment within the philanthropic infrastructure, and so have made a couple of meaningful grants for that.

Very excited to talk about the great work these organizations are doing! And also to share information about some groups that weren’t quite on strategy for us but are doing important work that’s worth taking notice of. I’m proud to say that 77% of the grant dollars referenced here are unrestricted support.

Please click the headings below to read more about the individual organizations, with links to their websites, which I encourage you to check out.

Uptake of Open and Inclusive Practices in U.S. Foundations

We’re particularly excited about a cluster of efforts that are seeking to go within the black box of how foundations operate internally, so that we might get better at promoting greater openness and inclusion.

The throughline of these grants is that different groups are working on different levers to move foundations toward greater openness and inclusion. Some are focusing on the board, some on the CEO, some on the program officer, and some on the organizational structure or design. We look forward to fostering a conversation that brings together these different efforts and helps define the state of the field and where we go next.

Engaging More Donors for Social Justice

Most of our work in this area will be knowledge curation about what types of individual and institutional donors are most receptive to social justice, and what kinds of approaches do and do not work to reach them. We’ll make a limited number of grants to learn more about these topics.

Alignment in the Philanthropy Infrastructure

Other Noteworthy Efforts

I’ll have more to say in future posts about the strategy behind these grants, and next steps for the program, but for now, please enjoy the awesomeness that is these groups and their great work.